Date Tournament Venue
May 29 TAGi Speedgolf Tapiola Golf
June 18 Tali Speedgolf Open  Helsingin Golfklubi 
July 26-27 Finnish Speedgolf Championships Pickala Golf – Park
August 22 Hyvigolf Speedgolf Open  Hyvigolf 
September 1 Rinkku Speedgolf (3/9 holes) Ringside Golf
September 26 Master Speedgolf Master Golf – Master


Finnish Speedgolf Championship 36 holes | Sprint 3 holes | Others 18 holes

For more information and entries contact
Henrik Honkalehto +358 40 760 2426
Mikko Rantanen +358 50 65 65 65
Milla Hallanoro +358 40 702 84 22


Speedgolf World Championships 2024

Wednesday, November 13th: Practice Round (normal golf) / Welcome party
Thursday, November 14th: 1st day of individual and team
Friday, November 15th: 2nd day of individual and team / Award Ceremony

Seven Hundred Club
2370 Sotome, Sakura-shi Tochigi 329-1414, Japan

Individual Competition: 60 participants
Alternate Team Competition: 25 teams (50 participants)

Men, Women, Seniors (age 50+)

Tournament Formats
Individual Competition: 36 holes (18 holes each day) stroke play
Team Competition: Qualifications → 18 holes (25 teams), Semi-finals → 7 holes (10 teams), Finals → 3 holes (5 teams)
Team Competition qualifications take place on the first day, while the semi-finals and finals are held on the second day.
On the first day of the team competition, pairings are arranged to prioritize players with early starting times in the individual competition.
Generally, the top performers from the first day of the individual competition become the final group on the second day.
As a result, the second day of the individual competition is scheduled to conclude around 14:40.
This allows for a 15:00 start for the second day of the team competition (semi-finals and finals).

Player Package
We plan to create a package that includes the pre-festival, 1 individual rounds, and team round(s).
Individuals will need to arrange their own practice rounds, accommodations, and transportation.

Entry fees
Speedgolf World Championships
About 51,500 yen (TBD), includes 36-hole play, entry fee, lunch (2 days), welcome party, and tax.

Speedgolf World Championships & ISGA Team World Cup
About 60,000 yen (TBD), includes 36-hole play for Speedgolf WC, 18-hole play for Team WC, entry fee, lunch (2 days), welcome party, and tax.

Registration Period
International Players: May and June
All players: from July to October

More information coming soon…